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We know that being a parent or carer isn’t always easy. Although it’s often amazing and rewarding to watch your children or young people grow up, it can also be really hard work. Things might feel especially difficult if your child or young person is struggling with their mental health at the moment. Or if their mood and behaviour seem different, and you're not sure why or what you can do to help. But you are not alone.

We have lots of practical advice to help you support them – from encouraging them to open up, to navigating mental health services and finding them the right help. No matter what you’re going through, things can get better.

Talk to our Parents Helpline

  • If you're worried about your child or young person’s mental health or wellbeing, you can speak to us over the phone or chat to us online.

    Our Helpline provides detailed information, advice and support to parents or main carers of children and young people aged 25 or under.

    Remember, it’s okay to reach out for help. We all need a little extra support sometimes, and we hear from parents and carers just like you all the time.

Read our online support and advice

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    Written by our Parents Helpline experts, our A-Z guide is full of practical advice on how to help your child or young person with whatever they’re struggling with. This includes advice on mental health conditions, feelings and behaviours, and life events.

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    Finding your way around mental health services can be challenging. If you need help to find the right support for your child or young person, read our guides. We have lots of information and advice on the different types of mental health support available, including counselling, CAMHS and speaking to the GP.

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    Talking about how we’re feeling is so important for our mental health. But it's not always easy to know where to start, and children and young people can find it difficult to talk. Our advice can support you.

Frequently asked questions

We’re sorry to hear that your child is struggling. We know that things might feel really tough at the moment. Use our Helpfinder to find online information and advice that can help you support your child. Or, if you’d like to speak to someone, contact our Parents Helpline.

If your child or young person is experiencing a mental health crisis, or you are worried they are not safe, we have a list of services that can support you now.

There are many ways you can support your child with their mental health. See our Parents' A-Z guide for advice and tips on helping your child, whatever they are going through.

Our Helpline provides information, advice and support to parents and main carers who are concerned about their child or young person’s mental health. You can speak to us over the phone or chat to us online.

Find out more about our Parents Helpline.

We provide online information and tips for young people who are looking for help with their mental health. They can read real stories from young people who have been in their position.

We do not provide services such as counselling or therapy for young people.

No, we are a charity that provides information and advice to parents, carers and young people. You can find information about accessing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in our guide for parents and carers. You can find information about other support services in our parent and carer guide to getting mental health support. Or you can contact our Parents Helpline for more advice.

We provide a one-off conversation with a trained Helpline adviser. As this is a one-off service, we are not able to provide long-term support. But you can find lots of information, advice and tips in our A-Z guide for parents and carers.

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Thank you for the support when I didn’t know how to help my son. I have followed your advice on how to manage the situation, and it helped so, so much.
A parent
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Parent and carer blog

In our blog, parents and carers share their real-life stories. You can hear about their experiences of supporting their children or young people with their mental health. This includes their tips and advice for others going through similar things.

Read our parent and carer blog
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Looking after yourself as a parent

Parenting isn’t always easy. Although it’s often amazing, it can be really hard work. Here are our tips for looking after your child while also looking after yourself.

Read our guide to looking after yourself

Supporting young people in your community

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Do you work with young people through sports, the arts or anything extra-curricular, but feel under-equipped to support them with their mental health?

We have tips and resources for when a young person in your community turns to you for support.